Why does your business need a website

Why small businesses need a website

Why small businesses need a website

Small Businesses have always had to come across the decision whether they should market them selves online or stick to cold calling. The decision is not exactly easy and does not offer a Demo as a lot of the times the website is payed for monthly. Small business owners are always facing the hard truth of how their business will bring in more profit through the online world.

In 2018 researchers came to the conclusion that small businesses could have the chance to grow 25% within the first 3 years of being online. The studies were broken down into 2 different sections that gives more of an understanding of what small businesses should be looking for. The following topics are statistics and fact on what the small business owners should look for:

  1. Searches, online recommendations

In 2018 researches had proven that 55% of the time small businesses can bring in income through the searches, and recommendations of the online users.

The hardest Truth for any small business owners is how are they going to be at the top of the list competing against the giants in their industry. Well it becomes a case of David and Goliath, The Goliath of the industry no longer needs to interpret SEO words, or direct their funds to be at the top of the search, But the David who invests their time on strengthening soon over throws the Goliaths. Hence why more small businesses start to grow and no longer will need to over throw the Giants.

  1. Visited the website

Researchers came to a conclusion that 47% of the time the company is also making its name by having people search the page directly. It does become the most stressful part for the small business owner, as you start to doubt the turn over the webpage is creating; that is where people take to online marketing as well, to create traffic through to the websites. Website visits create the best leads in terms of potentially gaining a new email address to your list.

These two steps have Created so many opportunities for small businesses online and have proven to be effective as well the only thing between the company’s growth and success.

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