Should I set up my online store?

Should I set up my online store?​

In recent years, if you have a business you probably raised this question in one way or another. The crisis, market changes, the evolution of marketing, cost savings, study possibilities … there are many reasons why we should consider taking the leap of our business or our idea to the Internet.

For the moment, the data regarding the growth of online commerce leave no doubt as to the convenience of having our presence on the internet: Electronic commerce in Europe will reach 291 billion euros in sales in 2021. A new study by the consultancy Forrester has highlighted that during the next 4 years, Europe will consolidate itself as the continent with the highest volume of sales made through the internet. In addition, the study adds that within these positive forecasts, Spain will occupy a special place at the head of the countries that will grow the most in this sector.

This data hides a reality that is even more beneficial for Europe. In the midst of the current economic crisis, the increase in e-commerce sales may, to some extent, alleviate the decrease in sales from other channels. The study, which has analyzed the 17 countries of the European Union, ensures that all of them will have an average annual growth rate of 11%.

Apart from these handful of statistics, having our own online store has many direct benefits, whatever our sector or our market:

You have your business permanently open to the public

How much would your business open 24 hours a day for a whole year cost you? Having a very little online store. One of the great advantages of having our online store is to be able to offer our products or services permanently to our clients.

You reduce expenses: undertaking is much easier

With an online store, expenses are greatly reduced. The initial investment in the business disappears to a large extent, since we forget about local expenses, assemblies, personnel, electricity … All this savings, apart from allowing us to start with an idea or start a business, will allow us to improve considerably our final prices in the face of our competitors, and in this way have a much shorter-term profitability.


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